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Author Topic: Guidelines for Forum Posting  (Read 17 times)


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Guidelines for Forum Posting
« on: July 09, 2017, 02:36:41 am »
If you were referred here, you must need some pointers on guidelines for posting. Continued abuse of these guidelines "might" result in being banned from the forum.

* This site was created for the users of the smilynet000 network to be able to have "secondary" "private" documentation for the network. It was created primarily for administrators, especially the ones with access to the root accounts. But it is also useful for users. It is self sign up, so even the public may join if they want to. Let's build a community together! Smileynet network web page: http://sites.google.com/site/smileynetmain.

* How to ask questions in this forum:
   * If you are a member of another forum or q/a website, you may ask a question there and catalog it here.
      * To do so, do the following:
         * Copy the topic name from the topic name on that website. This should be the topic name. Put it where appropriate.
         * Leave the first post blank, except for a URL. The URL should directly point to where you have the answer on the other site.
      * You do not have to be the one to start the topic to do this.
      * The recommended practice for most network administrators of the smileynet000 network is to catalog "everything" that will go under any of the topics here.

   * If you are NOT  member of another forum or q/a website, or it's more appropriate to create a unique topic, then you can also do that here.
      * Follow any recommendations on any specific topic.

* How to answer questions on this forum:
   * If the post is pointing to somewhere else:
      * If at all possible, answer the question there.
      * However, if it is more appropriate to answer it here, or you are unable to answer it there, then answer it here. If you are able to post anything on the other website, post a link back to where the question is answered. UNLESS it violates their TOS or AGREEMENTS.

   * If the post is a post to this forum:
      * Try to keep as much as possible here in the forums. However, if you really need to, you may link somewhere else.

* How to mark as solved here:
   * Lock the topic to mark it as solved.
   * Unlock the topic to mark it as not solved.
   * Remember to mark as solved, if a solution has been provided.

* Stay on topic!

Happy forum posting!
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