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Author Topic: Problems Connecting to Windows 10 Share(s)  (Read 57 times)


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Re: Problems Connecting to Windows 10 Share(s)
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2018, 03:05:37 am »
Important solution! Repeated directly here:

Success! Without using any different software or interfaces! The solution was simple, once I knew how:

Code: [Select]
Changes to Windows 10 Servers:

1. Enable SMB 1.0 Protocol
2. Disable password protected sharing (may be used later)
3. Check permissions.
 a. Every drive should have Everyone->Full Control for sharing permissions
 b. Every NTFS drive should have Everyone->Full Control for permissions
 c. Don't worry when setting C: drive, if one or more objects can't have permissions set on them. It will be okay. Just make sure you allow it to
    change as much as possible.

After this, my solution to the drive mapping problem will work as designed. Might redesign and make more specific tomorrow, but for now, it's OK.

This means, even older versions of samba, will work. But it's untested on samba 2.* and earlier. In fact, it's untested on anything less than the version of 3.5.*, that I have. For now, don't need that old stuff to work. My server should never be older. May be newer "someday", but should never be older. Only one server must understand the stuff. Everything else just has to understand how to connect to samba. The only other samba server it should know how to connect to, is my NAS (Buffalo). However, I've never had any problems with it so far. I know it's running a version of samba itself.


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