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Other / Re: PNF Plans
« on: January 16, 2023, 10:33:59 pm »
To Mom:

What God tells me right now, is to study, keep my house clean, work on my network, and do the activity schedule we made. That's as much as I can handle, and I need to get a volunteer job as well.

The volunteer job, could be for you, or otherwise. At least it's time to look, anyway. Don't push or anything. I'll know when time to go forward. This is an over simplification though. But working on my language (as an individual, and not expecting money), is one of the steps. I'll know when it's ready, but it's not yet. And then, I need to make sure Rusty is trained for housework. Do that or BUST, I'm guessing, unless we finally get roommates and something like that.

Other / Re: PNF Plans
« on: January 16, 2023, 10:28:42 pm »
To Mom:

We at least have to have an object oriented language out of PNF, in order to begin writing it for the business. If needed, I could get paid to do this, otherwise, I need to do this for free. Until I do go so far, there's no chance of being able to make money with it, so we don't want to open the doors too soon.

It's a God sized project. So, probably, I should listen for prayers on when my language is minimally ready. Then I'll know, whether I'm surprised at when or not.

I should get a volunteer job, in the meantime. I need to commit to it, and do it for at least a year. I also need to make sure someone of my generation is available to pay at my rate, to clean my house when I need it, or I can't do that either. I can't do any of it, without that.

Rusty is my man for that, but we need to work around his schedule. Aunt Pam hasn't been good at that so far. But unless she does, I'll always be trapped and can never really be used by God. That is, unless I get caregiver to do everything for me, and just focus on computer work 24/7. But then, you can expect my wrists to go. Probably, I'd need to just sleep, even if that were possible. It's not really an option, even if YOU need to help train Rusty.

Other / Re: PNF Plans
« on: January 16, 2023, 10:21:18 pm »
Basically, the plan is to write a language. Then write some simple stuff on top of that language. And then, after that, the plan is to use it to write an operating system, which will start, but not finish, as a command line system. Not the same as DOS, but the same way DOS works.

I want to have 4 modes in this OS, text, textgui, gui, and assistant. It's up to the user, which they choose. This, is the most major selling point of my whole idea, but could take awhile to write.

Second selling point, is the language, which I want to eventually have computers built that will be able to understand my language, at it's core. My OS, will run best on that. We would get outside help to be able to create these devices. Basically, we're creating a new processor architecture.

So that God is not ignored, we'd hide messages in the OS. We don't have to document the hidden messages in the OS, probably, but we have to document the hidden messages within the language.

If we can ever get that done, we can work on some text based game using my language and in my OS. That can be the first game written in it.

After that, I can certainly learn to work on games, and maybe write a bible based game for my OS, using graphics. But we need to wait until this point to do it.

Other / Re: PNF Plans
« on: January 16, 2023, 10:12:52 pm »

From Google:
A compiler is a computer program that helps in translating the computer code from one programming language into another language. Basically, it translates the program written in the source language to the machine language. The compiling process contains an essential translation operation and error detection.

From Google:
The 6 phases of a compiler are:

    Lexical Analysis.
    Syntactic Analysis or Parsing.
    Semantic Analysis.
    Intermediate Code Generation.
    Code Optimization.
    Code Generation.


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